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A cash loan, like any other loan, can be obtained ONLY at a bank. On the other hand, a cash loan is also provided by loan companies. This is a fundamental difference. What is cheaper?

Sometimes a small loan is worth taking out in a loan company, but under a few conditions: it is a relatively low loan, for a short period of time (up to 30 days) and the loan offer is addressed to new customers at a promotional price of 0 € (APR 0%). This means that we will pay nothing for the loan, or € 1 (1 €) for confirming the data and verifying the applicant.

Cash loans and loans in the bank

Below is a search engine for cash loans and bank loans. You can quickly check offers, search for a bank and contact for more information. Parameters regarding loans and credits can be determined independently.

Internet loans without credentials – loans with no certificates that they can search for are bank and non-bank cash loans. Usually a new (= unknown) customer for a bank or loan company usually has no chance of getting such a loan. Alternatively, in the case of another loan, a bank or a loan company may not require a certificate of earned income.

Credit online without any certificates – like above. The loan that is possible to obtain is to exclude a cash loan. If we do not use the cash loan offered by “our bank”, usually there is no way to get such a loan. The bank must verify our creditworthiness on the basis of income earned or on the basis of a bank account statement, e.g. for the last 6 months.

Online loans without Database ( cash credits without Database ) – there is no such loan product in banks. Banks check not only creditworthiness (statutory requirement), but also the credit history at Database. Each credit inquiry involves sending a request to the Credit Information Bureau.

Non-bank cash loans

Non-bank cash loans

Search engine for non-bank cash loans. It was accepted to speak of such a loan as a “fast cash loan”, due to the fact that it can be obtained quickly, with a minimum of formalities and for a short period of time. Currently, loan companies offer not only payday loans up to 30-60 days, but also long-term cash loans, up to two years and more.

Main inquiries about credits and loans

Main inquiries about credits and loans

A loan in 15 minutes via the Internet without certification – it applies only to loan companies on the Internet and this applies only to persons who are registered in a specific loan company and used such a loan. As a rule, in this situation, the loan company does not require a statement of earnings or bank statement.

A non-bank loan via the internet is offered in several loan companies. We can distinguish both loan companies and short-term loans up to 60 days and installment loans.

Non-bank loans in installments – as above Loan installment proposals can be found in several loan companies on the Internet. Usually these are cash loans payable in monthly installments. They are granted from € 500 to even 20,000. The period for which you can take such a loan depends on the specific loan company and usually it is from 3 months to 36 months. Some companies also offer a longer loan period, but as a rule it does not exceed 48 months (4 years).

Internet loan without payment certificates. There is no loan company on the internet that has a loan offer without installment certificates. Each such entity requires presentation of the source and amount of earnings obtained.

Other inquiries:

  • loan without Database via the internet,
  • non-bank loans via the internet,
  • loan without certification,
  • loans without Database via the internet,
  • quick loans without online certification,
  • credit without certification,
  • fast loan without Database,
  • online loan without certification
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Payday Loans and mortgages still growing in the first half of 2015 Mon, 25 Feb 2019 11:44:05 +0000


 Italian families are permanently back to apply for loans: these are the end-to-end knowledge company Barometer figures for the first nine months of 2015, data that confirm a trend that has been going on since the hardest phase of the economic crisis seems to have been overcome.

Mortgages for house purchase recorded the most decisive increase: compared to the first six months of 2014, the increase was 58.6%. This increase is encouraged by both the best available credit offers and the recovery in the real estate market (with prices still falling). The average amount of mortgages required remains low compared to 2014: a sign of prudence on the part of households, but also a figure linked to lower property prices. The duration of mortgages, however, is lengthy: in this way, the installments weigh less on the monthly balance of households.

Loans (personal and finalized) also increased, with a + 7.6 %% compared to the first nine months of last year. In this case the loans are aimed at buying a good or a service to show a greater increase, with a + 13.4% and an average amount in the month of September of 7,699 euros.

Less uncertainty and a recovery in confidence are undoubtedly positive signs but, even in a period of greater economic tranquility, we must not put aside the attention we had during the crisis:

  • we evaluate our economic situation and consider the maximum amount that we can repay every month;
  • we are attentive to our creditworthiness ;
  • compare the offers on the market, read information and contracts and choose the one that best suits our situation.

To assess our credit situation and to have an adviser available to us in the management of the payment of installments, we can turn to Advanti, an instrument to calmly and consciously deal with our debt.

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A quick payday loan – online or in an outlet? Fri, 22 Feb 2019 04:30:04 +0000

Do you need money right away? In this case, you have many quick and convenient cash loans available. However, is it better to apply for an on-line loan, or maybe in an institution?

Cash loans come with help when we need extra cash. We can spend it for any purpose, for example to buy new furniture for the home, to buy a refrigerator, a trip abroad, an event device or paying bills. The lender does not require providing information about the purpose of the loan.

Such quick money can be obtained primarily in non-bank companies that have less restrictive requirements for granting loans from banks. However, more and more banks also face the expectations of their clients and offer them loans available on the spot, for example on-line. However, they are reserved only for regular customers – otherwise the process is longer.

On-line payday loan

Internet loans are becoming more and more popular. We can then get money on hand for every expense – we get a transfer even on the same day. Loans of this type are offered by banks and non-bank lending companies.

As we have already mentioned, the banks mainly target them to their regular customers – then we file for a loan online and if it is approved, the money is soon on our account. When we would like to apply for such a cash loan at another bank, we can submit an application online, but it is often necessary to visit the facility.

It will be much easier for an installment loan or a payday loan in a non-bank loan company. In this case, the application is also filled completely on-line, and then we go through the verification procedure using a transfer or other offered by the company. When everything goes well, we can also have money on your account the same day.

A payday in an institution

A loan of this kind is offered to people who do not have access to the Internet, do not have an online account or simply want to receive cash immediately. Loan companies’ branches can be found in many cities, and we can also go to banks personally. When we apply for lower amounts, most often we do not have to present any documents confirming the income obtained, which speeds up the process of obtaining a loan.

Of course, we must also remember that not every one of us has a facility in the area of banks or loan companies offering instant loans and installment . In addition, these facilities operate only at certain times, so we may not have time before work or after work to go to them and submit an application. It’s much easier when we just put it online because we can do it at any time. In addition, we have a much wider range of loan offers on the internet, while the stationary is already limited.

In summary, both on-line loans and loans in branches have their advantages. It’s worth checking the offers and comparing them to choose the best one!

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Where Best to Take a Cash Loan Of course, Where it is Cheaper Sun, 03 Feb 2019 17:06:15 +0000

Where is it best to take a cash loan for a short period and for a long period of time? An overview of the latest proposals for both loans and cash loans at banks. Check where it is worth borrowing.

A cash loan is offered to an adult person, having full legal capacity and creditworthiness and creditworthiness. Of course, it is necessary to obtain an adequate income, which may be the source of: contract of employment work | order; business or agricultural activity; pension; pension; free profession or other documented stable sources of income. The amount of the loan and its award depends on the creditworthiness and credibility.

Where to get the cash loan, which bank has the best offer? It depends on current credit offers that can be compared below.

Where to take a cash loan

Where to take a cash loan

When looking for a cash loan, pay attention to its price. Only in this way is it possible to search for cheap credit. And what is the most advantageous cash loan? You should compare several loan offers and create a ranking of cash loans, taking into account the amount of credit and total costs.

Comparison of cash loans

The list of banks presented is one. And there is also a comparison of cash loans. It not only allows you to search for banks and cash loans, but also makes it easier to estimate the amount of loan installments. It is also a quick way to contact the bank about the loan. In some cases, you do not have to go to a bank branch, because the employee will give you information whether you have the appropriate creditworthiness, present an offer and calculate loan installments. All you need to do is to fill out the contact form.

Contact with a selected bank does not oblige to take a cash loan at a given bank. If the offer is not very satisfying, you can thank and contact another bank. Let’s just remember not to send too many inquiries to the banks, because it can affect our assessment of creditworthiness. The Bank always checks our credit history at database.

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A Loan in a Loan Company or a Cash Loan in a Bank? Wed, 23 Jan 2019 17:04:14 +0000

A loan in a loan company or a cash loan in a bank? What will be the better solution Contrary to appearances, a cash loan in a loan company can also have several pluses.

Opinions about loan companies are different, but most often consumers appreciate them (?), Not always according to the actual state, among others for:

  • it’s a quick cash loan to your account,
  • it can be easily obtained (which does not necessarily correspond to the truth),
  • they do not check at database (more and more loan companies do it),
  • there are few formalities,
  • there is a large selection in the selection of loan companies via the internet,
  • you can find many loan companies offering free loans to new clients,
  • you can borrow for the first time more and more money (of course, provided that we have adequate creditworthiness),
  • the option to extend the repayment period, if we can not repay it on time (it is not possible in any loan company),
  • there are several companies that offer installment loans online.

Below is a list of loan companies that offer non-bank loans for a short period of time. Also cash loans for free (APR 0%) for new customers:

Non-bank cash loans in installments you will find:

Why do we choose banks?

Why do we choose banks?

Why, however, are we more likely to choose a loan or cash loan from a bank?

  • long loan period – with a cash loan, even 10 years,
  • the possibility of obtaining a low installment,
  • lower costs than in loan companies,
  • adequate creditworthiness and creditworthiness,
  • more confidence in the bank – we do not trust loan companies,
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Securing The Home Loan: Why Is It Worthwhile? Thu, 03 Jan 2019 17:15:01 +0000

A popular choice and often recommended by credit institutions at the time of the loan is that of his insurance, especially for single- income families and / or with small children. Thanks to this additional guarantee, in fact, it is possible to be safe from unforeseen circumstances that would compromise the solvency of the contractor and its continuity in the payment of the installments. Let’s see below how this insurance works and how to choose it.

Assicurazione casa

What is the mortgage insurance?

The mortgage is almost always the biggest expense that will be faced in the course of one’s life, and it is useless to remember how such an investment is very delicate: one commits for twenty or thirty years to pay a substantial installment every month, without knowing that what the future may hold in terms of work or health.

The issue becomes even more delicate when the mortgage holder for himself or his family is the only source of income for the entire core. This is why mortgage insurance is becoming increasingly popular, with flexible policies that even in the event of serious unforeseen events give you the certainty of always paying for your home purchase, securing the contractor and his family, especially in the presence of of young children.

In Italy – a nation that, as we know, has always been at the top of the list as regards the number of houses owned, unlike other states that favor forms such as rent – the percentage of people who insure their homes is still rather low (generally around 30%), but with regard to mortgage-related life insurance policies, such as job loss, the situation is different. 

The types of policy

The banking institutions, in general, are in fact the first to advise the stipulation of the insurance on the mortgage understood as mutual life insurance : in general it is not obligatory to light this type of financing but – above all in general to the credit crunch of the last years, due to the economic crisis – it is strongly recommended, just to give greater security to the payment of the contractor to the credit institution in question. The fire and explosion policy is mandatory.

The fire and explosion insurance protects the borrower from damages related to the building in question, in relation to events such as lightning, fires and explosions, but generally without covering also the accidents caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods. This policy is mandatory given the advantages it brings, as mentioned above, both to those who contract the loan and to the bank, which in this way protects itself from the loss of value of the property following events that diminish its value. Often this policy is offered free of charge by banks, otherwise it has rather low costs for maximum savings.

The life insurance policy for the mortgage

Speech different for the life insurance mutual, which protects those who contract the mortgage and his family from events that put at risk the ability to repay, such as death, serious injury or illness, but also the loss of work and economic unavailability. Compared to fire and explosion policies, the premium can be much more expensive and have an impact that is anything but insignificant on the mortgage payment, in case you have chosen to pay the premium periodically.

For this it is necessary, when talking about the mortgage policy, to carefully examine the different proposals available on the market. From the Liberalization Decree, banks or financial intermediaries are required to submit to the client at least two estimates from various insurance companies, which have no links with the institution or its group.

How mortgage insurance works

How mortgage insurance works

The operation of the mortgage insurance is very simple: by paying the premium regularly, if one of the events included in the case history of your mortgage policy were to occur, the insurance would pay the amount due as a mortgage, with compensation corresponding to the event in question. The types of cases covered can be of various types:

  • Death of the insured
  • Total permanent disability
  • Temporary or total disability at work
  • Voluntary loss of employment

The insurance will then deal with the extinction of the loan to protect the contractor’s family, and is therefore particularly suitable if you have dependent children and you want to protect your family from all kinds of unforeseen circumstances. The duration of the insurance for the loan is generally from 5 to 30 years, and normally its payment has a deadline that can be monthly (and therefore in fact added to the mortgage payment), half-yearly or even yearly.

To enter into this kind of policy, you must be resident in Italy and be between the ages of 18 and 70 ; usually the loan must be in euro, contracted in Italian with a bank or with a financial intermediary based in Italy.

And if the mortgage is terminated early? In this case the insurance company is obliged to return the unused prize, as required by the Regulation. Instead, in case of subrogation, it is necessary to stipulate a new policy to take advantage of insurance coverage, given that the old decade.

How a policy must be made to secure the loan

There are several characteristics that must be respected by a good policy for the insurance of the home loan, so that it can effectively provide a valuable guarantee for all those families with small single-income children, and where therefore an unexpected could have very serious consequences economically.

Evaluating the estimate for a mortgage case by case, of course it is good to make sure that different cases are covered, such as disability for any reason, freedom in choosing the beneficiaries from the insured and the insignificance of the sum paid (which must not be subject to inheritance taxes).

At times it might be convenient not to limit yourself to ensuring the equivalent of the principal of the loan that is being activated or – in the event that the policy applies to an already active loan – of what remains to be paid, but to insure a higher amount, always anyway respecting the limits (minimum and maximum) established by the company.

The contractor chooses the duration of the mortgage policy as well as the start date of the coverage, and in the great majority of cases these time limits correspond to the number of years in which the loan will be paid and the moment in which the first installment is paid. Also in this case the policies provide for minimums and maximums (generally between 5 and 30 years). Attention also to the expiration of the cover, which can be diversified due to the guarantee of death and total and permanent disability.

As with any life insurance policy, the amount of the premium depends not only on the amount of the loan, but also on the characteristics linked to the contractor, such as age, health status, habits.

Other things to check to be really sure you have chosen a good policy are the duration of ancillary guarantees, the amount of commissions received by the policyholder, any exclusion clauses, deductibles, the withdrawal method. For example, most of the insurances that protect in the event of the death of the contractor may not be applicable if the death is due to malice or due to drugs, dangerous sports and similar behavior.

Finally, the validity of the policy with regard to its activation time based on the specific event may be different ; in other words, sometimes there is a period of a few months (called ” deficiency “) for the activation of coverages for illnesses, while usually, in case of accident, the coverage is immediately active. It is possible to demand a shorter period of deficiency if the policy is activated at the same time as the loan and the application of the most favorable conditions required by the law of 03/24/2012, applicable to the policies linked to mortgage loans, is required.

The different types of mortgage insurance

The first fundamental division for life policies relating to the loan concerns, as mentioned above, the possibility of securing new mortgages only or even mortgages already being amortized. The coverage is not always the same: it happens quite frequently, for example, that for mortgages in the process of being amortized it is possible to take out insurance with the sole coverage for death, while in other cases, with new mortgages only stipulates, permanent disability, temporary total disability or loss of employment are also covered. In any case it is better to make sure right away, comparing the various proposals, that the chosen mutual house policy fits exactly into the profile we are looking for.

When the event guaranteed by clause occurs, the mode of delivery can also change. The residual debt can be settled or an indemnity equal to the monthly installments due, in the latter case when the total incapacity is temporary or has been incurred in the loss of work.

The possibilities of insurance for the mortgage offered by credit institutions and intermediaries are different, with tailor-made products: among these, the best known are Mutual Verse by LotLife, valid in the event of death or permanent disability, or Astrofinance, which provides two different formulas for a personalized coverage of the insured mortgage, even if already in progress: basic package and complete package, the first can also be subscribed for mortgages in amortization and the second with a greater number of protections, such as insurance mortgage job loss.

Subscriptions for a mortgage policy can also be subscribed online, on the company’s website, or with a simple phone call, answering a few questions to more accurately determine the contractor’s profile and providing their own payment information.

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Cash Loans for Everyone | Things to Remember Before Taking a Loan Tue, 01 Jan 2019 16:39:06 +0000

Sometimes a person has a dream that can only be fulfilled at any given moment with the help of a cash loan. It can be used for any purpose. Maybe it is the renovation of the apartment, some trip, travel, equipment to develop a passion? However, you should never forget that it is a commitment. When collecting cash loans, you have to plan everything well in order not to fall into excessive debt. If you analyze this correctly, the cash loan will not be too much of a burden for you.

When choosing a bank or financial institution, regarding the cash loan, you have to be careful about the catchy slogans “0% commission” or “the lowest interest rate on the market”. This does not mean that you will not incur any costs associated with the loan. Therefore, the parameters for which you must pay attention during your choices will be described below.

What should you pay attention to when looking for a cash loan?

What should you pay attention to when looking for a cash loan?

  • The cost of credit – one of the most important aspects. Remember what this cost consists of. The fact that the commission and interest rate will be reduced to zero does not mean that it will be the cheapest loan. Pay attention to the APRC (real annual interest rate), i.e. the total cost of the loan, which includes the costs of receiving the loan, commission and interest rate.
  • Budget analysis – before you start looking for a cash loan, determine what you can pay the monthly installment. Do not take credit on impulse. Check your expenses and income. If you take a cash loan, then will you be able to keep paying for your monthly installments? If you extend your loan repayment period, you will reduce the installment, while the total loan price will increase.
  • Purpose of a cash loan – is optional, you do not need to inform the bank how you transfer money, but remember, if you want to buy a car, a mortgage loan will be a cheaper option.
  • Repayment of the loan on time – it is very important, because if the bank reports you to database, in the future you will not have it easy to get another loan, in addition, you can accumulate further large interest.
  • The insurance is not obligatory – think if you need it if the loan amount is not high. Insurance is an additional cost, it is mainly secured by the bank. The insurance company repays the remaining debt if the borrower’s death or inability to work.

The bank may give you a lower interest rate or commission if you buy the loan insurance. Mostly, it is not profitable for you. It is your bank’s responsibility to provide you with an information form before you sign a contract. The document must be shown in a simple form and contain information about all fees that you must pay with a cash loan. You can withdraw from a cash loan even after starting the loan. You have 14 days to withdraw the signed contract. The amount to be refunded must include interest for the time from the date of payment of the loan until the repayment of the liability. You also have the option to pay off the loan early, you can pay off the whole, but first check if you do not lose because the bank may charge you an additional fee to pay the loan ahead of schedule.

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